ONLY $15.OO EACH

                       Available for purchase after your escape

                                      or by calling 406.860.8243.


After your car breaks down, you are looking for shelter for the night.  Luckily you find an abandoned cabin in the woods near the road.  But the next morning, the door is locked!  Iron bars on the windows prevent you from escaping.  You discover a book and a strange disk....

Can you solve the riddles left for you by the deranged cabin owner and escape the cabin?



The excursion to the Valley of the Kings is the highlight of your vacation to Egypt. As you crawl through the narrow passageways, you lose the rest of your tour group. You enter a mysterious burial chamber. A massive stone door closes behind you. On the floor lie a dusty notebook and an ancient disk ...

Can you solve the riddles left for you by an earlier pyramid explorer and escape the tomb?



As volunteers for a medical research study, you report to a lab as instructed. But no one is there except for you! Vapor rises from a test tube and you start feeling dizzy. When you wake up again, the door is locked, and you discover a notebook and a strange disk ...

Can you solve the riddles left for you by a previous research volunteer and escape the lab?