What is the cost and do you have group rates?

The cost is $17/participant.  We do offer reduced group rates for parties of 25 or more participants.


When should I arrive and how long does it take?  

Arrive at least ten minutes early so we can give you some instructions and the game can begin on time.  You have 60 minutes to complete the game.  You may escape earlier, but 60 minutes is the maximum time allowed.


What should I bring with me?  

Just your sense of adventure.   In fact, we will have a place for you to keep your personal belongings and cell phones locked away while you play the game.


Is there an age limit?  

Ages 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  Some of the clues and strategies used are difficult for young children to process.  However, they are great at observing objects in the room and their questions may be just the help you need.


Are walk-ins welcome?  

Since all our bookings are by appointment only, we are only open if we have games scheduled.  If you are wanting to book on short notice, it is best to call first and see if that is possible.


Can I make changes to a reservation or get a refund?

Reservations can be changed with 24 hours notice.  We will happily schedule another session for you or can issue a refund with 48 hours notice.


 What if we do not have a group large enough to meet the minimum requirements per room?

If you sign up as a smaller group, depending on availability you may have to join another group that has met the minimum requirements but still has room available.  We encourage you to put together a larger group that you are comfortable with and reserve your time together.  


Are we being watched while we are in the room?

 Yes!  We have video cameras (and audio) in each room so that we can give added clues if needed.  Since you are really locked inside the room, this also provides us with the ability to make sure everyone is doing ok on the inside.  The rooms are bright and spacious, so you shouldn't feel trapped. There is nothing scary in our rooms.

Each room has an emergency exit, should you feel the need to leave. However, you will have to wait in the lobby until your group is finished.